Suicide Help

Suicide Prevention
Someone to talk too...

If ever you or someone else is feeling suicidal or having thoughts of hurting yourself, there is always someone there to talk too.  The suicide hotline is free and someone will pick up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to talk you through your thoughts and feelings.  Press the button below and give them a call:

Suicide Hotline

If you are wanting to meet with someone, the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team will come to your house and help you identify services in your area so that you can get help.  They are available around the clock.  Press the button below and give them a call:

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team

If all else fails, remember your life is too IMPORTANT to act on your suicidal thoughts.  Call 911 immediately.  Simply press the button below and get help NOW:


Something to do...

If you feel that talking is not going to help and you need something to do instead, click on the links below that may give you suggestions of things to do that might help distract or help cope with your suicidal thoughts: